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CCTV Systems

We take security seriously!

People still tend to believe that CCTV is only for the big organisations. That use to be the case, mainly because of the prohibitive price, but not any more!

CCTV is now common place in a lot of business's and even becoming popular in homes.

We've been install CCTV for local business's for years now, and here's why:

  • provides peace of mind to business owners and staff

  • provides a big deterrent to walk in walk out theft if they know they are being watched

  • provides photographic evidence of an incident (often the police know who the trouble makers are, CCTV evidence helps them to charge the right people and have the charges stick)

  • one staff member working by themselves - if they are out the back, they can use the monitor to see what is going on in the shop or keep an eye on the back door etc

CCTV cameras have come along way in quality over the last few years, and now things like being able to view your cameras over the internet or even on your iPhone are no longer a dream, they are a standard feature on most DVR's these days

Once you have a system, you will wonder how you ever did without it. You will be consistently using it and finding new ways it can help you

Some of the services we provide:

  • Full consultation and design service
  • Installation of CCTV systems
  • UPS replacements and periodic maintenance checks
  • CCTV upgrades and adding additional cameras
  • Installation and servicing of CCTV systems


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