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Data Network Systems

Data networks are no longer just for large organisations. They are fast becoming common place in most business's and the average New Zealand home. A wired network has many advantages over a wireless network such as speed and reliability.

In today's society, it is becoming increasingly common to transfer (or "stream") large video files across networks. it is already possible to buy TV's and home amplifiers that have a network connection, this allows you to watch downloaded material on your big screen television, or listen to your music collection or internet radio stations on your home stereo. of course, none of this would be possible if you don't have the network infrastructure in place

The type of system that makes all of this possible, and gives you flexibility is called a structured cabling system. In simple terms, a structured cabling system allows you to (among other things) plug in a a computer or a television into any outlet and share that media with other computers or televisions on your network

Structured cabling systems are becoming mainstream in new houses now, and almost all business's have a network system of some type. We are able to visit your premises and advise on options available and the benefits you could achieve by installing such a system

Some of the services we provide:

Installing telephone jacks
Installing data networks
Installing structured cabling systems
installing and configuring modems, routers, and switches
Installing and configuring computers, printers and other peripheral devices


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