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Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps

Want a ball park price to have a heat pump installed? Check out our simple pricing policy right here

Heat Pumps are the most cost effective way of heating your property. We install and recommend Mitsubishi electric heat pumps. (We do other brands too, but we like to stick with the best). We provide free advice and will visit your home / business and quote on the correctly sized unit to suit your situation.

Mitsubishi electric have a diverse range of heat pumps, from single split systems to multi split systems (multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit) through to fully ducted systems

Read our heat pump installation pricing policy then use the form on the right to contact us if you would like further information or a quote to have a unit installed at your property. Consultations are free, and well worth it to ensure you get a solution that will meet your needs for years to come

Everyone's talking about heat pumps and your not sure what all the fuss is about? Read on...

Everything you ever wanted to know about heat pumps!
(courtesy of Mitsubishi-electric.co.nz)

Heat Pumps have been identified by EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) as the most energy efficient way to heat a home. Heat Pumps, or Air Conditioners as they are often referred to, are also a very efficient and effective method to provide summer cooling. But some Heat Pumps are more efficient than others and the differences in running costs and performance can be significant.

Heat Pumps also range in size so its important to purchase a model that suits the true size of the space that requires heating. If the Heat Pump is too small or too large, it will use more energy and may not perform to the level required or expected.

Heat Pumps also need to be quiet, as they should not interfere with your ability to sleep due to excessive noise. Information about realistic running costs and how to use a Heat Pump smartly to ensure maximum cost savings are further aspects for consumers to consider.

Mitsubishi Electric have therefore set up a website to provide comprehensive information and answers to the most common questions about Heat Pumps so consumers can make truly informed decisions. View their website


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